The below function takes array element which needs to be removed as parameter as below

var ary = [‘One’, ‘Two’, ‘Three’];
Array.prototype.remove = function() {
    var what, a = arguments, L = a.length, ax;
    while (L && this.length) {
        what = a[--L];
        while ((ax = this.indexOf(what)) !== -1) {
            this.splice(ax, 1);
    return this;

The above method works perfectly works for java script array with strings in it.

For the below variable

var csvEmpIds = ‘1,2,3,4,5’;
arrEmpIds = csvEmpIds.split(‘,’);

The above will not work as you should pass 2 as a string and split function creates
a array by splitting from one variable and putting as a strings in array.

so csvEmpIds.split(‘,’) will create array like below

arrEmpIds = ['1','2','3','4','5'];

In this case to remove element from array which you got by splitting come delimited value you should
do as below.


To Remove array which is declared globally use the below function

var ary = ['three', 'seven', 'eleven'];
removeA(ary, 'seven');
function removeA(arr)
  var what, a = arguments, L = a.length, ax;
  while (L > 1 && arr.length) 
    what = a[--L];
    while ((ax= arr.indexOf(what)) !== -1) 
      arr.splice(ax, 1);

   return arr;

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