Design Thinking is not about problem solving. Its about making things better. Fixing a Car which got broke down is problem solving. Fixing a Car to run smoothly and fuel efficiently is Design Thinking

Key Points

  • Learn to Fail Early
  • Test your end result.Make sure you are doing the right one
  • Don’t spend too much time on Planning. Start working

Other Notable Things

  • Ask questions not with solutions which you already have in your mind
  • Questioning Basics

    • What you think about It
    • What you feel about It
    • What you do about It
  • People hesitate to tell No.So you need to change the question according to that. Eg – Petrol Bunk Story – There was high turn around in petrol bunk for special petrol when “Shall I put Special Petrol” was asked instead of asking “Sir special or normal petrol” to customer. Instead of giving option to choose from ask shall I offer that. The one which you offer is the one which you like to sell
  • Empathy – Understanding how other people feel, communicating your understanding, Apathy – a state of not caring, being unsympathetic or not empathetic, Sympathy – feelings of pity and sorrow for someone, Antipathy – Glad they have those problems
  • Convert Implicit needs to Explicit Requirements Eg – TV not clear is a Implicit need to someone and TV to be bought is a requirement to someone.Turn Implicit needs of customers to explicit needs to make it as selling point