System Path is one which comes when you type cmd in windows->run
Other simple commands are dir,ver,cls

Storing Variable Name

>>set strName=Mugil
>>echo  %strName%

Typing set and pressing enter will return system variable


To check for List of Users type

>>set USER

String Cancatenation

>>set strFirstName=Mugil
>>set strFirstName=%strFirstName% Vannan

Displays Volumne Info

>>vol D:
>>dir /B

Get option of Util
>>dir /?
>>cls /?

Lists folder in Dir with details


Lists folder in Dir without details

>>dir /B

Turn off the command executed in Screen

>>echo off

Turn off the Display of Batch Statements when Echo off command activated(Works for Script)

>>@echo off

/A tag will allow us to work with mathematical operation

>>Set /A

/P tag will allow user inputs by prompting msg

>>Set /P

Getting Inputs from Console

@echo off

set /p name=Please Enter your name

echo Your name is - %name%


Labels(Organize code pieces)


Goto(Jumps to Label and starts execution)

goto :label


rem this is comment
:: this is again a comment


   echo The Sum is Addition of Two Numbers
goto :eof	 

Calling Functions within function

	echo Calling Sum Function
	call :getSum	
goto :eof

   echo The Sum is Addition of Two Numbers
goto :eof	 

Functions that takes Argument