​How to apologise if you are late to meeting

Instead of offering up a reason or excuse for why you were late, focus your apology on the impact you’ve made or the problems you’ve caused. Say something like “Sorry for keeping you waiting” or “I’m so sorry for taking up more of your time” or even “Thank you for your flexibility.” If you show everyone that you’re sorry for using up their valuable time, your apology will sound much more sincere.

Telephone Etiquette

While Speaking in telephone

  1. You should get acknowledged after telling something
    Shall I Continue
    Am I Clear
    Any Queries
    Are you clear
  2. Instead of telling everything in single stretch chunk your data by using the above keywords.
  3. Try to monitor your client speed of speaking. Try to mirror you client speed of speaking.
  4. Speak Politely

You have to send the mail today
Could you send the mail today

When ever you pick the call
Hi Laura
This is Mugil from Infonovum
Is this a good time to speak to you for 2 Minutes

Leaving Voice Message
You should Tell your name and where you are calling from

Group Discussion Etiquette

  1. In group discussion you should be a active listener.Look at the person who is speaking rather than looking up and down.
  2. If A gives the point, B starts speaking on point given by A while responding to A’s point B should look at every one C,D,E.In other words while responding to someone to someones point look at everyone and speak rather than responding to single person.

Styles of Communication
Low Levels of confidence, Feeling guilt, Avoiding Initiative, Suppressing emotions

Clear about what you feel need and how to achieve it, confident, and open to other ideas. Open body language, give and receive +ve and -ve feedback

Insulating people, Loosing temper, attacking others

Other Common Mistakes in GD
I Have conflict with you – Wrong
I don’t agree with you – Right

Feedback Etiquette

  1. Avoid using you.Pointing fingers to particular person for failure.Start using we as a Team failed
  2. While we were discussing requirements instead of you were telling requirements
  3. We as a Team failed rather than you has failed.

Commonly Made Mistakes in English

I have Eaten (Just Happened)

Wrong – The Car Parking is Opposite to Garden
Right – The Car Parking is Opposite Garden

Ball Park Figure – Approximate Figure

Rain Check – Asking for a Postponement
eg Can I ask for a Rain Check

Out of the woods – Out of Danger.
eg The Project is Out of Woods

In the Loop
eg Keep me in the Loop while mailing the Clients

Rub Shoulders with
eg We need to rub shoulders with our clients to better understand the project

put it in back burner
eg Let us put this thing in back burner until we are done with the Development.

Cutlery Etiquette